WP kesamabar image grabber [wordpress plugin]

WP kesamabar image grabber is a wordpress plugin to grab images from google image search result using google image API. This plugin processed the selected images and use its as wp-post content

This plugin suitable for blogs that are using images as the primary content for their SEO escpecially wallpaper-based blog or website that provides tons of images to download. With this plugin, you don’t have to manually search images from google, save it to your local disk, rename the file and upload it to your web hosting, because this plugin will do all that process for you in the fly.


  1. Title as keyword.
  2. Content above the images.
  3. Text and code before and after of  each images (“<p>” and “</p>” as default)
  4. Post Category, using existing category or create new category.
  5. Post tags
  6. Image size options: 1920×1080 1280×768 1024×768 800×600 640×480 680×960 960×800.
  7. Option to show original image source or not.
  8. Preview before posting. On this preview, you will able to choose which images that you want to uploads and also you can insert the alt description and image title manually for each images.
  9. There will be 40 images to choose on the preview, so you can choose which images that are releven with your keyword.
  10. Draft, publish or scheduled post status.
  11. Show image as thumbnail, medium, large, or full
  12. Bulk posts ( 10 maximum titles with 4 images maximum for each title and schedule post with interval time posting option (1 – 60 minutes ) ).
  13. Auto rename image file post-title followed with random number (ex: home_interior_15564.jpg)



wp kesamabar image grabber preview



single post

single post


bulk posts

bulk posts


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